Membership Benefits

  • Receipt of Member-only Updates on pertinent local and national industry issues
  • Deep discounted registration rate for Annual Meeting & Ag Shipper Workshops in Minneapolis, Kansas City, Boise, Tacoma/Portland, Atlanta, Sacramento, and Fresno
  • Assistance contacting federal agencies regarding compliance
  • Direct access to AgTC staff for transportation inquiries
  • Access to Members-Only Portal electronic resources
  • Participation in “Shippers Only” sessions
  • Eligible to participate on AgTC Advisory Board, as well as in service contract negotiation programs, reefer shipping alternatives, & others
  • May vote on issues put out to Membership


For members joining in 2022

Individual Company, ships up to 3,000 TEUs: $800
Individual Company, 3,001-9,999 TEUs: $1700
Individual Company, ships 10,000 to 19,999 TEUs:  $2100
Individual Company, ships 20,000 + TEUs: $2500
Affiliate Membership/Service Providers under 20,000 TEUs $1750
Affiliate Membership/Service Providers over 20,000 TEUs $2500
State Departments of Agriculture: $600
Regional or State-wide Organization: $3500
National Organization: $7500

**AgTC Membership not available to Ocean Carriers, Class I Railroads, Port Authorities or Terminal Operators

If you would like to join the AgTC, please email