30th Annual Meeting – June 12-15, 2018
Tacoma, WA


The AgTC’s Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of agriculture and forest products transportation professionals. These are the members of the AgTC, individuals employed by companies which are exporting and importing food, farm and fiber products. Collectively, attendees at the Annual Meeting control at least 2 million TEU’s. Starting from humble beginnings when eight individuals shipping cotton, hay, citrus, fish, lumber gathered in San Francisco in 1988, the Annual Meeting now features over 350 attendees, two and half days of intensive speakers and panels. The Annual Dinner at the Meeting is where the AgTC’s Annual Ocean Carrier Performance Survey results – top ranked carrier — is announced. The opportunity to the dialogue with leaders of the ocean carrier, port, rail and trucking service providers, allows for constructive dialogue and useful relationships, benefiting attendees throughout year. There are ample networking periods throughout the Annual Meeting.  A component of the Annual Meeting is the “Best Practices Session” featuring frank discussion with the President North America of one of the major ocean carriers, without press or other carriers – limited to AgTC members, reviewing that carrier’s practices, and what shipper like and what needs to be improved. Very specific, and very productive.  At the Shippers Only Session at the end of the Annual Meeting, AgTC members review what has been learned and what we would like to focus on for the coming year – what follow-up the AgTC can do to improve the shipping environment for ag exporters and importers.