Ocean Carrier Performance Survey


Each year, ocean carriers await the result of the AgTC’s Annual Survey, which ranks the carriers from best to worst. It has served to motivate some carriers to work with ag shippers to improve documentation and booking service. The AgTC surveys the broad and diverse cross-section of its membership from all geographic locations, of virtually all dry and refrigerated products, via dry and refrigerated 20-foot and 40- foot containers, to determine the ocean carrier performance. The survey ranks the different ocean carriers on such criteria as: availability of equipment, availability of space on vessels, document accuracy and efficiency, willingness to accept export documentation as late as possible, advertised vs. actual vessel schedule and transit time, etc. The top ranked carrier is revealed at the Annual Dinner of the AgTC’s Annual Meeting in June.

Click here for the results of the 2019 Ocean Carrier Performance Survey.

Are you a carrier? Email info@agtrans.org for details about your ranking.