Meet Our Team

  • Peter Friedmann

    Serves as the Executive Director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition. He plays a key role in developing U.S. and international transportation policy. In 1987, he helped form the AgTC when a number of agricultural exporters sought assistance in dealing with ocean transportation challenges.

    As Counsel for the U.S Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Peter was responsible for drafting the Ocean Shipping Act and has drafted numerous other transportation laws, including Jones Act amendments, and the funding mechanisms by which ports and inland waterways are dredged and operated?the Harbor Maintenance Fee.

    Since leaving Capitol Hill, Peter has been a leading advocate for shipper and international trade interests before Congress, the Federal Maritime Commission, and other federal agencies.

  • Spencer Young

    Yes, my name is Spencer (my parents liked the name so much, they didn’t care that they had a girl). I am a California Maritime Academy grad, until now working as a Ship Agent for Inchcape in the San Francisco Bay Area. My family has been in California agriculture for several generations (table grapes and citrus in the Central Valley).”

    Assisting Peter and Abigail at the 2017 AgTC Annual Meeting in Long Beach showed me how remarkable the AgTC is. I am honored to become a part of it and look forward to working with our agriculture and forest products exporters at the upcoming Ag Shipper Workshops and with the entire industry at the 31st AgTC Annual Meeting in Tacoma in June. Contact me anytime, at