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Davis keeps the Port of Portland alive – 05/23/2024


D+D Billing Comparison Chart

AgTC’s Friedmann hails FMC Rule implementing Ocean Shipping Reform Act – 02/27/2024


Shippers cheer US FMC final rule on ‘abusive’ D&D practices – The Loadstar – 02/26/2024


FMC tightens rules on charging container fees – 02/23/2024


Victory for US truckers, who can now choose their own chassis provider – 02/15/2024


FMC urged to evaluate surcharges amid Red Sea crisis – 02/09/2024


FMC asked to slow fast tracking of Red Sea-linked freight surcharges – 02/07/2024


Agricultural shippers facing increased costs, delays due to Red Sea disruptions – 02/07/2024

AgTC testifies at FMC Hearing: Threats to Ag Shipping – Red Sea/Gulf of Aden – 02/07/2024


FMC Releases Schedule for Hearing on Threats to Shipping – 02/02/2024


FMC should guard against carrier ‘profit center’ from Red Sea surcharges: AgTC chief – 01/02/2024


For exporters, container shipping still far from pre-COVID ‘normal’ – 9/18/2023


People on the Move: A Cargomatic Podcast with Peter Friedmann – 8/22/2023


Ocean carriers warn FMC against regulating prices – 8/01/2023


FMC’s Dye offers fixes for container flow problems through US ports – 7/28/2023


Coalition Letter on Labor Negotiations Between UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters – 7/20/2023


Drought threatens return of shipping disruption on US waterways – 7/21/2023


U.S. agriculture exports running on empty containers – 7/14/2023



Major US port is SHUT DOWN as employees stop showing up in dispute over pay that could shrink the supply chain ahead of back-to-school season and impact 12% of nation’s GDP – 6/11/2023


Port of Seattle closed due to ILWU labor strife 6/11/2023


West Coast ports shut down as union workers ‘no show’ after breakdown in wage negotiations – 6/02/2023


Battle joined over costs linked to detention/demurrage maneuvering – 5/11/2023


What’s going on at the ports? – 4/10/23


Temporary shutdown at Ports LA and Long Beach spark escalation concerns – 4/10/23


West Coast port debacle strands U.S. ag exports – 4/10/23


Concern mounts after Ports of LA, Long Beach shut down for 24 hours – 4/10/23


Weekend slowdown at West Coast ports disrupts ag shipments – 4/10/23


Agriculture Transportation Coalition Slams Closure of Port of LA Terminals – 4/09/23


LA-LB outlook darkens as labor unrest briefly shutters ports – 4/09/23


Ag exports caught up in California port closures – 4/08/23


Operations resume in Los Angeles and Long Beach – 4/08/23


AGTC’s Friedmann says lack of ILWU-PMA contract could be “dangerous, permanent” – 3/28/2023


Biden tees up a supply-chain rethink with challenge to China’s EVs – 3/28/2023


Shipping interests urge White House intervention in West Coast labor talks – 3/24/2023


New FMC rule expands shippers’ eligibility for carrier refunds – 3/17/2023


US draft legislation seeks to update OSRA-22, boost China scrutiny – 3/16/2023


Ag Trans calls for more inland rail depots – 3/2/2023


118th Congress holds critical first Ag Committee meeting – 3/2/2023


‘We need a supportive regulatory environment’ – 3/1/2023


Fiata urges carriers to lower D&D charges as lobbying begins at TPM23 – 3/1/2023


Trade expert warns Congress: Ocean carriers need continuous oversight – 3/1/2023


Farmers’ Burdens: Thoughts from the first House Ag Committee Hearing of the year – 3/1/2023


First 2023 House Agriculture Committee Hearing Focuses on Challenges – 2/28/2023


Ag trade expert: More supply chain improvements needed – 2/28/2023


Exporters raise concerns about ocean carrier market power – 2/28/2023


China in crosshairs of new ocean shipping reforms – 2/17/2023


AGTC’S Friedmann says ILWU/PMA impasse could result in permanent West Coast port losses – 2/9/2023


River projects have infrastructure priority – 1/19/2023


Some supply chain managers are wary of shifting trade back to West Coast ports – 1/3/2023


Viewpoint: Supply chain tells the truth about China’s COVID problem – 12/27/2022


Exporter losses are collateral damage in West Coast port disruption – 11/10/2022


Maritime Commission under fire for OSRA proposal – Agri-Pulse – 11/3/2022



Ocean carrier contracts and carriers’ ability to make profit are put to the test in a proposed rule, according to reaction from shippers and carriers – 10/26/2022

Agriculture Transpiration Coalition Peter Friedmann Executive Director explains why shipping costs are skyrocketing as Mississippi River levels recede – 10/21/2022


Mississippi drought: ‘We need rain to fill the river,’ supply chain expert says – 10/21/2022


Mississippi River water problems, retail overstock trailers: The latest supply chain tensions for the economy – 10/18/2022


New Supply Chain Setbacks: Mississippi River Levels Hit All-Time Low – 10/18/2022


Federal Maritime Commission proposes new rules on shipping fees – 10/17/2022


Rail Shippers Brace for Potential National Strike 9/14/2022


U. S. Ag industry watching rail situation 9/14/2022


US Unions Work To Avoid Rail Strikes – 9/10/2022


Agriculture groups urge Congress to avert ‘devastating’ rail strike – 9/10/2022


The Real Inflation Reduction Acts – 8/19/2022


Western Innovator: Team runs a different kind of port – 8/11/2022


Lawmakers seek to ban railroads from raising rates during service emergencies – 8/9/2022


Can global shipping be fixed? One regulator will try – 8/9/2022


FMC begins rulemaking tied to denial of export service – 8/8/2022


Trucker protest over gig worker law shuts down Oakland’s port – Los Angeles Times – 7/21/2022


California’s Port of Oakland shuts for a THIRD day in dispute over California’s gig worker law: Supply chain crisis is now set to WORSEN as stranded container ships aren’t able to berth – 7/21/2022


Protesting Truckers Pledge Extended Blockade of Port of Oakland – 7/20/2022


Feds give shippers new power to dispute ocean carrier charges – 7/14/2022


UWL and Swire Shipping announce Seattle to Vietnam express US export ocean service6/28/2022


Ocean Carriers pledge efforts to hit OSRA export mandates – 6/21/2022


Buttigieg says funding will make rural EV charging convenient – 6/10/2022


Newsmakers: June 10, 2022: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the state of ag infrastructure – 6/10/2022


Congress to Toughen Shipping Regulation as Biden, Companies Cite Economic Pain –  6/10/2022


Biden slams ocean carriers ahead of Port of LA speech  – 6/10/2022


AgTC urges ILWU and PMA: avoid West Coast port disruptions – 5/11/2022


Labor talks begin amid port problems; experts cautiously optimistic – 5/10/2022


Wan Hai pays $850,000 fine to settle FMC detention case –  5/5/2022


How America’s Farmers Got Cut Out of the Supply Chain – 4/20/2022


CNBC Video: Empty Containers Hurting Ag – 4/13/2022


Bipartisan bill gives WA farmers a fair shot in supply chain chaos – 4/8/2022


US Senate agrees reform to Shipping Act as more shipper complaints hit lines 4/1/2022


Full Senate passes Ocean Shipping Reform Act 4/1/2022


Werner exempted from driver training provision 3/30/2022


California legal eagles are putting carrier D&D charges in the crosshairs 3/24/2022

Ocean shipping reform act could become law by springtime 3/23/2022


Ocean shipping reform could be entering final stretch 3/23/2022




U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Commerce Committee passes bipartisan legislation introduced by Baldwin to ease U.S. export shipping backlogs, boost Wisconsin exports 3/22/2022


FMC pressuring ocean carriers to boost exports 3/21/2022


Problem Solvers Caucus roundtable on supply chain 3/21/2022


Costa Joins Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers, Industry Stakeholders on Capitol Hill to Discuss Supply Chain Issues 3/21/2022


Bipartisan progress on shipping and supply chain problems 3/17/2022


Struggles continue for agricultural exporters 3/18/2022



Johnson: American Businesses Need the Ocean Shipping Reform Act  3/18/2022


Boozman Backs Legislation to Ease Export Shipping Backlogs, Boost U.S. Exports 3/4/2022


GSCW chat: US exporters’ fight for market share 2/19/2022


US agriculture industry urges Senate on ocean shipping legislation 1/31/2022


Industry groups press Senate for ocean shipping reform 1/31/2022


Ag sector hopes for stronger Senate shipping bill to ease ag export woes 1/27/2022


PORT GRIDLOCK: Global shipping crisis snarls agricultural exports, increasing costs and delays-12/30/2021


Port of Oakland plans empty container yard to help ag exporters 1/4/2022


Problems persist at West Coast ports


Borderlands: US potato farmers preparing for Mexico opening – 12/26/2021


White House to ocean carriers: Take more ag exports … or else – 12/17/2021


US House passes ocean shipping reform legislation – 12/9/2021



Crunch at Ports May Mean Crisis for American Farms – 11/14/2021


Ocean carriers will pass on fines for lingering containers to importers – 10/27/2021


City of Long Beach allows logistics companies to stack containers higher – 10/25/2021


Biden tackles supply-chain crisis with few tools, clock ticking – 10/23/2021


Port of Oakland on the rebound, as services return to fully operational berths – 10/19/2021


AgTC hears of new sailing to Oakland as exporters navigate booking and equipment challenges – 10/08/2021


Biden administration pushing shippers, carriers to expand operating hours – 10/11/2021


Round-the-clock LA-LB port operations not ready for prime time: terminal operators – 10/08/2021


Agricultural exporters plead for more Oakland services – 09/21/2021


LA/LB ports to test expanded night, weekend hours – 09/17/2021


LA’s Seroka expresses support for Ag exporters but cites challenges – 09/16/2021


Exporters ratchet pressure on Biden to take on shipping challenges – 09/15/2021


Ag Coalition Outlines Export Shipping And Delay Concern To Administration – 09/14/2021


Ag Associations send another urgent plea to President Biden – 09/13/2021


Coalition of Businesses, Trade Groups Endorse Ocean Shipping Reform Act – 09/13/2021


Dearth Of Shipping Containers Adding To Supply Chain Frustrations – 09/10/2021


Shipping Act rewrite defers to FMC to define ‘unreasonable’ export rejections – 08/10/2021


Bill unveiled to help get US ag goods to foreign buyers – 08/10/2021


Where Did All the Shipping Containers Go? – 08/04/2021


Farmers Have A Big Problem On Their Hands: They Can’t Find A Way To Ship Their Stuff – 07/23/2021


US regulator to begin auditing alliances – 07/21/2021


Daybreak July 21: Lawmakers look at revising ag disaster program – 07/21/2021


Congress, President Address Shipping Laws To Encourage Fairness, Competition – -7/16/2021


Cargo Owners Applaud White House Order on Competitiveness – 07/15/2021


Biden takes aim at consolidation in ocean, rail with new executive order on increasing competition – 07/09/2021


Congress drafting law barring ocean carriers from refusing US exports – 06/15/2021


Port congestion may be accelerated by urban-rural divide, ZEV mandates and AB 5 uncertainty – 05/12/2021


Ag industry’s letter to Buttigieg urges immediate action on export problem – 04/28/2021


Hundreds of U.S. exporters urge ocean transport intervention – 04/28/2021


Seattle Times: COVID-19 even affects apples: Washington farm exports crimped by cargo-container shortage – 03/09/2021


The Spokesman-Review: COVID-19 even affects apples: Washington farm exports crimped by cargo-container shortage – 03/13/2021


Washington farm exports hampered by cargo-container shortage – 03/10/2021

Senators call on federal commission to back exporters – 03/09/2021


Pandemic “doom shopping” is clogging up shipping ports. That means a lot of food destined for export is getting stuck. – 03/02/2021


Ocean carriers take heat for profiting ‘so handsomely’ while service plunged – 03/01/2021


GSCW chat recap: AgTC on challenges faced by food exporters – 02/24/2021


War of words escalates as exporters scramble for scarce containers – 02/03/2021


Why the empty container math doesn’t add up in US exporters’ favor – 02/03/2021


Harbor truckers dispute millions of detention, demurrage charges as fees surpass $200 – 02/03/2021


California asks Federal Maritime Commission to take action on agricultural shipping delays – 02/02/2021


Shipping carriers rejected tons of U.S. agricultural exports, opting to send empty containers to China – 01/26/2021


Commentary: AgTC applauds FMC’s push of Shipping Act mandates – 12/21/2020


Carriers must keep returning empty boxes to avoid shortage going into February – 12/17/2020


AGTC Hears U.S. Import Surge Could Last Through 2021 – 12/09/2020


US container shipping system tilting against exporters – 12/09/2020


Ag shippers feel pain from lack of ocean containers – 12/09/2020


AGTC’s Friedmann lauds FMC investigation into detention & demurrage – 11/24/2020


Ag export equation: Bulk surge, box squeeze, ‘reefer madness’ – 11/24/2020


Supply chain bottlenecks prompt FMC investigation into container movement – 11/23/2020


U.S. shipping regulator opens investigation into foreign carriers’ business practices at American ports – 11/20/2020


FMC to investigate carriers’ role in port congestion – 11 – 20 – 2020


Maritime Regulators to Investigate Container Shortage Impact on U.S. Exporters – 11/20/2020


Container shortages, vessel delays stymie US agricultural exporters – 11/19/2020


FMC urged to suspend detention, demurrage fees – 11/16/2020


U.S. Exporters Coming Up Empty in Scramble for Outbound Containers – 11/16/2020


Commentary: US ag exporters, trucking industry urging FMC to regulate carriers – 11/16/2020


Freightcasts Weekly Recap – 11/01/2020


Hapag-Lloyd drops ‘bombshell,’ suspends North American ag container shipments – 10/30/2020


Carriers use technology to resolve supply chain inefficiencies – 10/27/2020


Ag shippers slam carriers for refusing some export loads – 10/23/2020


Container return date upheaval by the numbers – 10/20/2020


US exporters in revolt over the cost of changing earliest return dates – 10/19/2020


US agricultural sector criticizes container lines – 10/19/2020


Industry groups ready responses to FMC’s ocean carrier pricing review – 10/08/2020


American exporters want end to erratic container return dates – 10/05/2020


Commentary: 20-foot container crunch may impact harvests – 08/07/2020


Fresh threat to US food exports: China COVID inspections – 07/19/2020


U.S. food exporters sign safety declarations in lieu of… – 07/14/2020


U.S. food exporters sign safety declarations in lieu of virus-free guarantees – 06/26/2020


U.S. food exporters balk at China demand for coronavirus-free pledge 06/26/2020


China demands COVID-19 declaration on U.S. exports – 06/26/2020


Port of Savannah named top port for agricultural exports – 06/25/2020


Carrier capacity cuts send trans-Pacific rates into orbit – 06/22/2020


Carriers see rise in booking cancellations, no-shows – 05/28/2020


FMC Dye is Agriculture Transportation Coalition’s “Person of the Year” – 05/26/2020


Press Release: AgTC “Person of the Year” Rebecca Dye – 05/26/2020


American shippers, draymen want ocean carriers out of chassis pools – 05/25/2020


AgTC’S Friedmann urges West Coast port partners to work together to stop market share loss – 06/24/2020


Pandemic leads to ‘complete disruption’ of container flows – 05/22/2020


East Coast ports optimistic for post-coronavirus recovery – 05/22/2020


Top time sucks in ocean shipping – 05/22/2020


US Agriculture exporters, chassis lessors clash- 05/21/2020


Seroka: Information flow vital for ocean container moves – 05/21/2020


Port Houston ‘famous’ for COVID-19 response – 05/21/2020


FMC’s Dye keeps eye on COVID-19-challenged US supply chains – 05/21/2020


AgTC’s virtual annual conference hails FMC’s Rebecca Dye – 05/21/2020


Talking TEUs and tequila – 05/20/2020


Navigating service contract negotiations during COVID-19 – 05/01/2020


Heartland shippers feel 20-foot box squeeze – 04/28/2020


Blank sailings threaten to sink heartland ag exports – 04/22/2020


US shippers turn up the heat on government over ‘punitive’ D&D fees – 04/07/2020


Ag shippers seek immediate action on demurrage fees – 04/06/2020


Ocean carriers asked to ‘exercise restraint’ on container charges – 04/02/2020


American Shippers Want FMC Container Availability Rule Published – 03/16/2020


FMC urged to adopt demurrage-detention rulemaking – 03/16/2020


Continuing operations in lieu of disruptions – 03/16/2020


Coronavirus Snarls Trans-Pacific Shipping and Ripples Through U.S. Business – 03/05/2020


Refrigerated cargo is being diverted from Chinese ports – 02/17/2020


Reefer surcharges rocket due to Chinese port plug scarcity – 02/14/2020




Ag shippers want more container ‘free time’ during coronavirus outbreak – 01/03/2020


Shippers fear growing supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus – 01/03/2020


AGTC’s Friedmann says BNSF & Union Pacific need to support U.S. West Coast ports’ competitiveness – 01/24/2020


Ag shippers want carriers held more accountable for container availability – 01/23/2020


Farm, Forest Product Exporters Applaud Stay of AB5 Truck Bill – January 4, 2020


Proposed demurrage and detention rule spotlights industry schism – November 1, 2019


Finally! Action on Per Diem Charges – AgTC Official Statement – September 6, 2019


Shipping industry will review FMC’s container availability recommendations


FMC to gauge detention/demurrage fairness on flow merits


NYSHEX helps carriers and shippers ‘play effectively’


Journal of Commerce: Chassis ‘utility’ model proposed for ports, hubs


American Shipper: Ag shippers say customer service ‘dying artform’


American Shipper: Talking Trade with AgTC’s Peter Friedmann


American Shipper: Shipper group opposes ballpark at Port of Oakland


AgTC Testifies Before U.S. Senate