The AgTC Workshops are conducted in concert with the US Department of Agriculture. Eight Workshops are held around the United States in different geographic locations, most convenient for agriculture and forest products exporters. The Southeast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, California are all served. Attendance at the Workshops is limited to those with agriculture and forest products cargo and their forwarders. Our “no press” rule allows for frank and open discussion. We meet in round-table format which facilitates discussion. The topics discussed are those that are most current and most directly impact the shippers of agriculture and forest products at the time of the Workshop.  A working lunch is served and discussion continues over lunch. Invited guests include discussion leaders which may be ocean carrier, port and trucking executives, and/or representatives of federal government agencies who explain new regulations impacting exports (and imports).


Portland Ag Shipper WorkshopIn-Person  January 26, 2023 Agenda and Register Here


Sacramento Ag Shipper WorkshopIn-Person  January 27, 2023 Agenda and Register Here


Omaha Ag Shipper Workshop – In-Person  March 15-16, 2023  Registration Coming Soon!


Fresno Ag Shipper Workshop – In-Person  Details Coming Soon!


Boise Ag Shipper Workshop – In-Person  Details Coming Soon!



**Please note, our Ag Shipper Workshops are being conducted both virtually and in-person. Keep an eye out for our email updates announcing upcoming Ag Shipper Workshops. Questions? Email