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Tariff Tracker — Updated August 5, 2019

VGM NOT Required from US Exporters

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Relief for US ag exports from China Tariffs

-USCBC Summary of Exclusion Application Process (May 13, 2019)
-US-China Business Council Unofficial Translation -Chinese Tariff Exclusion Process (May 13, 2019)
-  (June 7, 2019)
-  (May 14, 2019)

Street Turn Fees

-Drayage throws shade at ocean carriers’ latest money grab: fees for street turns
-Maersk notice to customers – Feb. 15 effective date
-ZIM notice to customers – Feb. 4 effective date
AgTC member exporter fights back: “Update: ZIM is creating an exception list for any BCO that raises this as a significant issue. We are on the list. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
-UIIA notice on HMM – Feb. 4 effective date
-UIIA notice on Zim – Feb. 4 effective date

AgTC Export Documentation Survey

November Issues Briefing Papers

-Trucking – Chafing under Congestion and Regulation
-PierPass 2.0
-PierPass: What’s New and What’s The Same
-PierPass 2.0 Preparation Checklist
-California Drayage – Liability of the Exporter
-Longshore Labor – Update
-‘Free Time’ Penalties – Detention/Demurrage
-Demurrage Spotlight Glows
-Chassis: are US exporters subsidizing the ocean carriers and “champion” importers?
-Intermodal Equipment Providers
-Emissions Reduction Mandate (AKA, Low Sulfur Fuel)
-Indicative Bunker Fuel Calculations