PRESS RELEASE   June 20, 2018                   Contact: Peter Friedmann

2018 AgTC Ocean Carrier Performance Survey Results Announced

At the 30th Annual Meeting of the Agriculture Ocean Transportation Coalition, in Tacoma, WA in front of 500 leaders of the agriculture and forest products export and import community, ocean carriers, port authorities and other service providers, the results of the 13th Annual AgTC Ocean Carrier Performance Survey were announced.

Hamburg Süd, Hyundai Merchant Marine and OOCL were the three highest ranked carriers. Hamburg Sud was presented a plaque as Top Ranked Carrier, while Hyundai and OOCL were presented “Recognized Performance” awards.

This coveted recognition was presented to Juergen Pump, Sr. Vice President of Hamburg Süd North America and his team; Paul Devine, President N.A. OOCL and his team; and the Hyundai Merchant Marine team.

Mr. Pump and Mr. Devine have previously been selected as the ocean carrier official to lead discussions at the AgTC’s closed-door “Ag Shipper Workshops” for the US agriculture export community, conducted each year in several cities around the US.

The Agriculture Transportation Coalition members who completed this Survey represent a broad, diverse cross-section of US agriculture and forest products exporters and importers, some being the largest exporters from the US, others smaller — from all geographic locations, of virtually all dry and refrigerated products, via dry and refrigerated container. In addition, freight forwarders, who often serve as the export departments of ag and forest products exporters, are members of the AgTC, and bring their expertise to the Survey.

Shippers assessed carrier performance in each of these areas:

  • Documentation Accuracy and Timeliness
  • Quote Responsiveness
  • Rate Competitiveness
  • Claims Service
  • Freight Billing Accuracy
  • On-time Performance  
  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Canceling or Rolling Bookings
  • Equipment and space allocation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Customer service practices

Congratulations to Hamburg Sud, Hyundai and OOCL.